Welcome to Borobstacle.com

I am Borobstacle and this is my travel and sports blog focusing on wakeboarding/wakeskating, bouldering and freediving. I am constantly looking for some nice spots in the world and am more than glad to share my experiences with you. Furthermore, I would like to share some knowledge and insights about equipment to help anyone new to these sports.

So whats the reason to have this homepage? When I started with freediving some time ago I struggeled a bit building up knowledge for this sport. There are several freediving organisations and certifications and it was difficult to find some detailed information about the equipment. Also finding good spots where to learn and progress in this sport was quite challanging. Thus I decided to share all my knowledge and experience I have gathered so far to help you having an easier start into freediving.

Besides that, I will also ocassionaly report about any other learnings, experiences and trips in my blog. Here I will also report about any other topics or things that are crossing my mind.

Enjoy life and shred!

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