Freediving Spots

When I decided to start with freediving my biggest challange was to find a spot where to learn that sport. Below you will find some freediving spots which came up during my search and might be a good starting point:

Egypt - Dahab

Dahab is definitly one of the best and most popular freediving spots in the world. With the famous Blue Hole and its maximum depth of 90 meters just of the shore the conditions are perfect. To make it even better there is little to no current, most of the time flat surfaces and no boat traffic. Thus, it is not a surprise that many competitive freedivers spend their time training in Dahab.

Freediving schools in Dahab are for example Freedive Dahab (teaching SSI) or Dahab Freedivers (teaching AIDA) but these are only two of several more.


Egypt - Soma Bay

There is no doubt that the reason why Soma Bay is in this list is because of The Breakers. The Breakers is most likely one of the best sport hotels I have encountered so far. Dedicated for divers and kite surfers this hotel offeres everything you can ask for. Good atmosphere, delicious food, nice staff and esecially a lot of like-minded and open-minded guest.

Freediving schools in Soma Bay are either the Orca Dive Club just next to the Breakers or Blue Silence at the Robinson Club just around the corner.

The Breakers Hotel Soma Bay
The Breakers Hotel Soma Bay Freediving Spot
The Breakers Hotel Soma Bay Freediving Spot

Portugal - Madeira

Madeira offers the perfect combination of relaxation in one of the Galoresort Hotels and freediving directly at the house riff. Freediving school would be Freediving Madeira.