Freediving Certifications

There are several different organisations like AIDA, SSI, PADI and CMAS who offer freediving certifications. Most of the certifications and levels are very similar to each other. Below table shows the different organisations and their certifications and how they compare to each other. The main driver of this comparison is the depth which will be achieved in the constant weight (CWT) discipline.  For more details on the different organisations and their freediving certifications and levels please click on the respective organisations.

< 10 m AIDA 1
~ 10 - 20 m AIDA 2 Level 1 Freediver 1*Star
~ 20 - 30 m AIDA 3 Level 2 Advanced Freediver 2*Star
~ 30 - 40 m AIDA 4 Level 3 Master Freediver 3*Star